QWP Women Wing

Women Wing

KPK women vary from the traditional housewives who live in seclusion to urban workers, some of whom seek or have attained parity with men. But due to numerous social hurdles, the literacy rate remains considerably lower for Pashtun females than for males. Abuse against women is present and increasingly being challenged by women’s rights organisations which find themselves struggling with conservative religious groups as well as government officials in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Qaumi Watan Party has accepted the cause of women as a challenge. Women leaders of the Party, the renowned politician and lawyer,Senator Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli,the brilliant media expert Ex MPA Nasreen Khattak, the loyalist Ex MPA Nargis Samin, Naeema Nisar lead the change that is visibly seen in the districts where QWP women activists are working day and night to raise awareness and solve issues faced by women. At the district level, the QWP Charsadda ladies surpass everyone in their understanding of political issues, political gathering and oratory. Like their male colleagues, Farah, Shaheen, Zahida, and Jamila are ever ready to come out and speak for the Party and the women. Else where Young and committed social activists like advocate Tania Gul, the ever popular Rehana Noor, Neelum Khan, Nishat, Nusrat and many more are attracted to QWP due to its policy of bringing women into mainstream politics and giving them equal rights as men.