Ms Nasreen Khattak

Professional, responsible, and a proven Leader, Ms Nasreen Khattak is one of the few women who have been successful in reaching the Provincial Assembly. She had been nominated to the reserved seats for women in the 2002 elections. Not only is Ms. Nasreen Khattak a successful politician, she has also a long history as a social activist especially on issues affecting women. With more than two decades of wide experience of working with local, national and international organizations Ms. Nasreen is a valuable asset of QWP.

Ms Nasreen Khattak holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Peshawar University. In addition to this, she has participated in several training programmes and international courses, including ZOPP from Thailand and Project Management skills with Population Management programs from Malaysia.  She has a wide experience of working with high profile organizations both private and public sectors, International Organizations, , including  Pakistan Voluntary Health and Nutrition association, Family welfare centers and Ministry of Planning & Development. She worked as Member of World Bank for Afghan Refugee projects, for Women Welfare Projects, as WID consultant, and as member of International working group (UNDP, World Bank, WHO, GTZ, KFW). Ms Nasreen also worked as Advisory member for Poverty Alleviation Program, Ministry of Housing, Khyber University, and also with Chef International.

Being a Pashtun by birth, Ms Nasreen Khattak is able to communicate in Pashto but she is also fluent in the other major languages spoken in the Province, Urdu, English and Hindko.

Ms. Nasreen is a confident and committed leader always ready to serve and promote the interests of the Party.