Ahmad Nawaz Khan Jadoon is a Pakistani politician who is currently central Deputy General Secretary of Qaumi Watan Party (QWP). Qaumi Watan Party is a Pakhtun neo-nationalist party working for the rights of the Pashtuns of the entire region. Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon is a young, determined and persistent personality who is active in spreading the message of Qaumi Watan Party and Milli Rehbar Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao to all corners of the country.

Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon belongs to the prominent Jadoon family of Abbottabad.

He has a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration (U.K) as well as in Arts (Pak). Ahmad Nawaz Khan Jadoon received his early education from Abbottabad PIPS and later from Islamabad Hamdard University and a higher degree from England (U.K) London college of business.

Ahmed Nawaz Khan started his political activities while studying. He gained a unique and prominent position in Hazara politics at a very young age. He was elected central chairman of the Hazara Awami Ittehad which later merged with the Qaumi Watan Party. Ahmad Nawaz Khan Jadoon now plays an important and key role in the Qaumi Watan Party.

Along with politics, he also excelled in journalism and various businesses. He is Publisher & Editor in Chief of Daily HazaraNews Mansehra and Daily Chaita Abbottabad. He is also serving as President of Hazara NewsPapers Society.